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when you realize you didn’t do your homework and it’s 1:38 AM


when you have a project due tomorrow


when you get paired up with that person you hate


tomorrow’s still tuesday


when you touch wet food on the plate you’re washing


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Hey!Say!JUMP LIVE TOUR 2014 s3art Osaka 2014.08.03


 mc. about kindaichi criminal
yamada: it was difficult. you didn’t know who it was right? yeah. same here.
inoo: i really thought it was the guy who was always holding a camera.

 mc. about kindaichi criminal
inoo: the criminal was that stupid guy who was holding a camera right?

daiki: you know, takagi is…takagi…
chinen: it’s takaki
takaki: chinen, thanks

 all 7 members except yuto gathered inside chinen’s room to watch suikyuu yankees ep3

 yamada tapped yuto’s head. yuto tapped ryosuke’s nose. yamada tapped yuto’s nose.

 encore. a fan gathered the silver tapes dropped after school kakumei. yuto saw that & told her “take them & go home~!!!”

 encore: bouken rider & school kakumei

 last night’s dinner was okonomiyaki
yamada: does your soup here have okonomiyaki?
fans: eehhh!!
yamada: coz mine had it.

 encore bouken rider
yamada approached chinen from behind and put his hands on chinen’s hips and hugged him. chinen turned back to look at him. yamada put his arm around chinen’s shoulders.

 everyone had okonomiyaki for dinner last night. yabu and yuya got full and crossed their arms while dozing off. when the dessert arrived takaki became energetic all of a sudden.

 yamada went close to chinen from behind and clung to him perfectly.

 yamada: i watched yuto’s drama yesterday with keito and chinen.
keito: yeah, inside chinen’s room.

 it was hot during mc. yuto wrapped his face with towel.
yamada: some weirdo over here
hikaru: but i know why he did that

 about yamada, chinen, keito watching suiyan
yamada: everyone looked tall

 yamada: why the hell did you say you were tired?
keito: apparently coz i’ve used up all my energy. weren’t you tired?
yamada: not tired at all
keito: oh really? now i know.

 about yesterday’s okonomiyaki
hikaru: when keito put the okonomiyaki inside his mouth, he said “just as expected, i can’t eat mentaiko”. it was so funny (laughs).

inoo: dancing with us, ii no?
fans: okay~!

 school girl. it was takaki whom yuto kissed yesterday. today it was hikaru.

 hikaru: did u watch yesterday’s kindaichi & suikyuu?
yamada: we were still at the okonomiyaki restaurant that time right!

 yamada: massu is so nice. he’s a senpai but it doesn’t feel like that at all.
daiki: he is! he even bought me coffee.

 daiki: masuda-kun’s really easy to talk to! he even bought me a drink.
yamada: he sang supaderi for me! he’s better than any jump member. he has such a beautiful voice. the set was a lot of fun.

 chinen: you wear boomerang? what if you throw it away?
yamada: we’re not talking about that kind of boomerang!

 hikaru: everyone was fired up last night at the okonomiyaki restaurant though
daiki: coz yuto was singing!
yuto: what? you’re kidding!
members: you were singing, you were singing
daiki: you were singing perfect life! can’t remember huh?

 about keito being bullied
keito: do you really hate me that much?
hikaru: we do love you that’s why we’re talking abt it

 mc. 3D 9 characters.
hikaru: they danced perfectly~
yamada: they danced better than keito
hikaru: even keito’s character
was slightly off
keito: coz my character’s hand was short!
hikaru: everyone had short hands

 takaki: please wear boomerang pants this summer too when you go to the beach!
yuto: and your top! you need to cover it!

 daiki: but keito’s food report was…quite good!
hikaru: well, how about making a food report about this sports drink?
keito: huh? okay. itadakimasu~ waah it pierced through my throat!
yabu: huh? hyperesthetia? you got hyperesthesia?

 hikaru: we made food reports at okonomiyaki restaurant last night but dai-chan sucked
daiki: no way, i even did my best!

 yamada: it’s now “talk time” so everyone can take their seats

 yabu: takaki and i slept using the same pose right? (laughs)
takaki: with arms crossed (laughs)

 chinen: when i play a game and the master comes out, i defeat him with the help of takaki-kun. then he tells me “see? you should thank me!”.


 yuto did a funassyi monomane during mc. his costume was yellow with light blue so he really looked like funassyi.

 encore. school kakumei. yamachine hugged at the cross runway. when they separated chinen looked reluctant.

 double encore
1: bouken rider, school kakumei
2: romeo & juliet

 during weekender yamada hugged daiki from the back

 yamachine clashed. it looked as if yamada was hugging chinen. chinen didn’t want to be separated, stretched his arms out.

 magic power. during yamada’s part, he brushed chinen’s head lightly.

 yuto threw signball towards chinen’s butt. chinen took advantage of it and slapped yamada’s butt.

 during encore, yamada, chinen, yuto & hikaru barged into the arena.

 during supaderi yuto embraced yamada’s chest

✖ encore school kakumei. inoo piggybacked takaki when they were at the outer runway.

✖ during school girl yuto attempted to kiss hikaru.

✖ encore. chinen was walking when yamada hugged him from the front. chinen who was looking away got surprised.

✖ hikaru: the means of kindaichi shooting is amazing
yamada: 18 cameras were used for each scene
hikaru: ah! i’ve seen the advance notice before. yamada was to fly over a drum or something right?
yamada: yeah!
hikaru: you flew like mario

✖ keito kicked hikaru’s tumbler and got scolded.
keito: shoot. i’ll never have improvement today.

✖ daiki: yuto is a kiss demon! when i was walking he suddenly appeared behind me. he usually just pokes my cheek but that time he attempted to kiss me. i had a hard time escaping.

✖ about kiss
yuto: hikaru-kun was trying to escape. boring.
chinen: hika, you didn’t like it?
hikaru: no, i didn’t.

✖ parental guidance is recommended for grasshopper
*yamada approached chinen*
yamada: small kids should be careful.
*yamada tapped chinen’s head. chinen made a mortified face.*

✖ hikaru: kindaichi shooting technique was awesome! how were you able to take the scenes from above?
yamada: for that, we used helicopter? copterheli? *helirajiconheli? huh? (laughs)
hikaru: better use the word takekoputa (laughs)
yamada: we hung the camera on the takekoputa and took the scenes.

✖ did everyone watch yesterday’s kindaichi?
chinen: they don’t watch it. they didn’t watch it. they didn’t watch it. they. didn’t. watch. it.

✖ yamada: we started filming kindaichi from ep3
members & fans: what?!
yamada: 3→4→2→1 order

✖ hikaru: i tried gripping that ball but it was hard. it was more rubbery than soccer ball.
takaki: it’s easy when wet~

✖ hikaru: i once saw funassyi enter the water and i got really worried.

✖ daiki: i saw yuto’s boomerang pants tan lines when he was changing clothes at the backstage.
keito: you saw it till that part?
daiki: i did! i was eating then.

✖ takaki: wanna visit the set?
hikaru: the set? i’m going! when? can i appear as an extra?
takaki: but you must know how to swim
hikaru: nah, it’s okay. ino-chan will come and save me anyways.


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Hair color reference chart. It’s not perfect, but from what I could gather it’s pretty accurate.

dont let the fanfic writers see this

I thought strawberry blonde would be in the blonde section…

Her hair was a beautiful shade of firetruck